20 July 2019

Stardate 2019.551

Crested Butte

Hi folks! Recently, Snowcatcher and I visited one of our favorite haunts. Crested Butte sits at the base of the West Elk Mountains on the west, the Elk Mountains to the north, and the Sawatch Mountains to the east.

We arrived midday and had a beautiful afternoon ride. It was crystal clear all afternoon — no wind, no thunderstorms, dry trails, and lots of wildflowers. The following pics were shot from the Upper Lower Loop trail.

Crested Butte is considered by many to be the wildflower capitol of Colorado. Perhaps. Several hours to the southwest, in the San Juan Mountains, are some pretty awesome wildflower beds as well. Nonetheless, Crested Butte’s flowers are spectacular.

Below is Mount Crested Butte from the Slate River. We were riding the Lower Lower Loop trail, which begins in town and heads toward the snow. We didn’t have the time to ride to the snow, but it was close. Mount Crested Butte touches the sky at 12,162 feet.

In the background and several ridges over is Gothic Mountain, rising to 12,625 feet. It towers over the Rocky Mountain Biological Research station and the East River.

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30 April 2019

Stardate 2019.329

Sandstone Dreamin' On Such An April Day

Hang-on, I think there may be a song in the above.

Currently, I'm very spotty on my posting. I blame it all on being tied at the hip to Parkinson's. In short, I can't sit still long enough to write. I'm like a snake trying to shed its skin, but can't escape. So, I get frustrated and go harass Snowcatcher or take the bicycle out or something. But, rest assured, I'm working on my body's attention span. The following pics are of a small lemon-squeezer that provides a more sporting line-up through a favorite cliff band.

Today's post takes place at Colorado National Monument, just southwest of Grand Junction, Colorado, my home town. Numerous other sandstone cliffs and towers call out to the avid scrambler and climber. The red hatched line approximates the lemon squeezer. The hatched line also represents the route being behind stone.

Cliff Band



Not shown is another "cave" located after scrambling out of the terminus of the lemon-squeezer. The "cave" deposits you on top of a higher cliff band.

That's it for now. I think I'm going to take a brief hiatus from blogging until we can buy a new computer. This one is very overheated, tired and unpredictable. I hope to be back in about a month or so... Thanks for reading.



25 March 2019

Stardate 2019.230

A Very Large Array

I have always wanted to visit the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in central New Mexico. Yes, New Mexico is a US state. I finally got my chance during my recent road trip through New Mexico with Snowcatcher. A fun tidbit is that the Jodie Foster/Matthew McConaughey movie "Contact" was filmed here.

From the Land of Enchantment to the high tech VLA (Very Large Array), this part of New Mexico has a lot of scientific research going on. New Mexico Tech is just down the road in Socorro.

According to the VLA, scientists there have made more space findings than any other telescope on earth. All of the immense dishes are used to collect radio waves (non-visible light) emitted in space. They are used to research star birth, galaxies and black holes.

The gigantic dishes are moved around on a rail system and can be spread out over 100 square miles of desert terrain. The dishes are re-positioned every four months.

I apologize for the graffiti and defacing of the kiosk. Vandalism seems to exist everywhere these days, even in the middle of "nowhere" and surrounded by all types of workers and scientists.

This was the end of our last day in New Mexico, and we captured a colorful Albuquerque sunset.

Lizard: 10
Parkinson's 0

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