09 July 2014

Stardate 2014.521

Looking up the East River at 12,519 foot Mount Bellview.

Ahoy mates!

July greetings! How about another training blog? My preparation for the Double Triple Bypass has been better than I originally thought. Most likely, I had a good winter fitness base from which to build, albeit it didn't feel like it. I've also spent more time on the mountain bike than in the past few years. This is a good thing, because I like mountain biking over road biking. Yet, all my events are on the road bike—go figure! Actually, it's been a good nuptial because I don't have roadie burn out.

One of my backyard trails.

I live adjacent to a National Forest and spend a lot of time in it. The result is mountain bike training at its finest. Moreover, Team Snowcatcher had a very successful MS ride this year. Thanks to all of you who donated to our/my cause. It has quickly become one of my favorite rides. The MS event also is a great measuring stick of fitness. I rode 102 miles on Day One and about 77 miles on Day Two and felt quite well. I was pleased. Sorry, but I have no MS photos. You'll have to redirect to Snowcatcher or Mrs. Micawber to see what I saw.

Onward and upward we go. Snowcatcher and I have spent more time riding at altitude this season, and Vail Pass has become our favorite workout site. On this trip, I went up once, descended, then went up and over again to Copper Mountain Resort. I rode down and around the northern end of the Ten-Mile mountain range toward Breckenridge Resort, where I hooked back up with Snowcatcher. Perfect timing I guess, the last 10 miles were spent battling small hail and rain. Once again, no photos were taken.

Crested Butte, Colorado

We spent the Fourth of July weekend in one of my favorite mountain areas – Crested Butte! Yes, I have photos! Enjoy! Why yes, the training went fairly well, too.

Can you say Lupine?  A typical summer day in the Elk Mountains.

Crested Butte considers itself the Wildflower Capitol of Colorado. Those are big words, for I know of some other hidden jewels as well. Nonetheless, if you hit it just right, Crested Butte might actually be on to something. This year, flowers are late following a very good/ deep snow year. The Lupine are in high gear.

It's the end of the line for a while.  We're just below Emerald Lake and Schofield Pass at about 10,400 feet of elevation.

In addition to riding bikes, we like to 4-wheel a bit and drive up to Schofield Pass. The Schofield Pass road is a 4x4 connector route to Marble, Colorado. We were stopped short of the pass by remnant avalanche snow and debris covering the road. Some 4x4 vehicles had made it across, but not many. I didn't even try. We knocked off a quick 8-point turn and headed down.

Heading back down from the avalanche debris field.  The Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness is in the background.

Schofield Pass is by no means a shortcut through the Elk Mountains. As the crow flies, posh Aspen is but 30 or so miles away, and several 4x4 routes allow access to Aspen from Crested Butte. However, the passenger car route boasts two or three hours of driving around the Elk Range to connect with Aspen.

Avalanche Lily growing in an avalanche runout chute, imagine that.

Avalanche Lilies were abundant. They are beautiful, delicate and a treat to find as they don't appear as frequently or as widespread as other species.

Results of a good mountain bike ride.

We got some energetic rides in, too. All you have to do to get the tell-tale of a good ride is look at your feet. Happy trails amigos...



  1. Awesome photos, as always! Can't wait to go back! When can we go back?!? :)

  2. I came over to wish you a good DTB - sounds like you are ready for it!

    Gorgeous photos - the lupine is especially stunning. I'm glad you guys opted out of the avalanched road - better safe than sorry. You have a big ride coming up, after all. :)

    Have a great ride this weekend. (Can't wait to hear what big-name cyclist(s) you get to set the pace for this year....)


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