26 August 2015

Stardate 2015.652

Taylor Reservoir, Sawatch Mountains, Colorado

Back To The Jungle

Our final day was bittersweet. Bitter, in that I'm not a very good city boy and I didn't want to go back home. Sweet, in that we had the opportunity to spend a handful of days in utopia.

Our route home took us to Taylor Reservoir; from here we took a side-trip to the occupied, late-1800s town of Tin Cup. From Tin Cup we visited Mirror Lake at the foot of the southern Sawatch Mountains. Mirror Lake was our final stop before heading back over the divide via 12,126-foot Cottonwood Pass. Hope you enjoyed tagging along with us on our trip. Below are a few more pics.

Taylor River and Taylor Reservoir are known for larger-than-life fishing.

Taylor Reservoir, Colorado

Sleepy Taylor Reservoir slowly comes to life on a cool August morning.

Taylor Reservoir

Morning mist started lifting above the reservoir about the time we drove in.

Taylor Reservoir, Colorado

Taylor Reservoir

Taylor Reservoir, Sawatch Mountains, Colorado

Ever so slowly, the Sawatch Range came into view.

Taylor Reservoir, Sawatch Mountains, Colorado

Mirror Lake, Sawatch Mountains

Mirror Lake, Sawatch Mountains, Colorado

That's a wrap. I'm not sure what's next on the docket yet; stay tuned.


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  1. What a gorgeous day that was! We couldn't have asked for better weather! Or better scenery...


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