17 December 2015

Stardate 2015.962

California IV

Our California trip was rapidly coming to an end. We visited Morro Bay again for an hour or so before heading back to Bakersfield and beyond. We found the beach and waves to be full of surfers. The coastal waters between Point Buchon (south of Morro Bay) and Point Estero (north of Morro Bay) apparently host a fair number of Great White Sharks. This link illustrates what happens when Morro Bay surfers sight one. Despite being land-locked, I'm a strong swimmer and I can assure you I would have been the first one back on shore.

Dude, the next one has your name on it.

He makes it look easy!

I would love to try surfing, but I don't like fish larger than me hanging out in the vicinity.

See you again in several years Pacific Ocean.

Morro Bay, California

Well, that's it for sunny California. Ancient sandstone of Utah is next on the docket.


1 comment:

  1. All I can do is just ooh and aah. Makes me wish we could live somewhere with both mountains and ocean. Sooner than we plan!


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