10 May 2016

Stardate 2016.441

Coastal Fun

My travelogue continues. After landing in Los Angeles, we procured a car and headed north along the Pacific coast. Our route took us through Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, Cambria, San Simeon and then inland to Bakersfield, which was our home base for a family wedding.

We drove into Morro Bay in the rain. However, within an hour, the sun had returned and it remained clear the remainder of the day. I would really like to hike up Morro Rock. However, it's off limits due to being State Preserve. It's primarily a bird reserve that includes protecting locally endangered Peregrine falcons. Several local tribes do have access rights to ascend the rock for cultural purposes. Enjoy the pics.

An egret looks for food along Morro Bay harbor.

There were about 20 sea otters, some with pups, floating and nibbling on whatever was tasty.

A seal may be seen bobbing close to the Morro Bay harbor breakwater.

Here's a small segment of Morro Bay harbor.

These butterballs are elephant seal pups molting on a beach near San Simeon, California. Elephant seal pups are left to fend for themselves after birth. Parents remain in the sea until fall mating when they'll return to shore. The only other time they're shore-bound is in the spring to give birth to pups.

There were lots and lots of flowers of different colors.

Here's a pro at work.

I can't tell a seal from a sea lion. I do know junior was hungry.

Awhhhh... the life of Riley.

The beautiful Cambria shoreline has a very strong, yet beautiful siren.

The saga will continue...


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  1. These shots make me wish we could live nearer the coast. They make me drool for Eroica, too!!! (Even though the Peleton write-up blew away any self-confidence I may have thought I had...)


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