07 June 2016

Stardate 2016.433

Green... Green... Green... !

With 2016 vacations in the history books, it was time to visit some old friends — Waterton Canyon to Trail 800 and the Colorado Trail. All new and shiny, the oak brush has greened up nicely.

Strontia Springs dam appeared to have a normal release of flow on this day. For its small size, the dam can be quite impressive when the upper spillway is flowing and the lower release gates are also fully opened.

The forest siren beckons me on. As usual it's impossible for me to ignore.

The eastern start of singletrack on one of my favorite trails — the Colorado Trail.

One of the joys of Waterton Canyon is year round access to the beginning of the Colorado Trail.

Waterton Canyon

My better half goes to work in a patch of vibrant iris.

Evening light gently recedes from the steep walls of the South Platte River, Colorado.

Thanks for the visit!


1 comment:

  1. Boy, I'd sure like to know the story behind those irises. So glad our favorite haunt is open again!!! Looking forward to our next ride!!!


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