10 August 2016

Stardate 2016.608

La Plata Peak

Indy Pass

After enjoying the day visiting the Maroon Bells, we started our journey home. Our route took us over 12,093-foot Independence Pass east of Aspen, Colorado. In short, the pass provides warm season access between the upper Roaring Fork River Valley (Aspen side) and the upper Arkansas River Valley (Leadville side). The pass is closed in winter.

From the summit tarn, stately 14,130-foot Capitol Peak rises to the west. It is the northernmost 14er in the Elk Range. The peak rising to the right of Capitol is 12,953-foot Mount Sopris; the mountain sentinel above Carbondale, Colorado. From Indy Pass, the views of the Williams Mountains and Sawatch Range aren't half bad.

The Williams Mountains of the Sawatch Range quietly rise above Indy Pass. The distant peak is Point 13,065. Note many summits use their elevation as a name.

The mountains in the below pic are south of the Pass. The left peak is Point 12,542. The pointy distant peak in the background is Point 13,441. Just for fun, the west ridge (you can barely see it) of Point 13,441 connects with 13,988-foot Grizzly Peak A. There are 5 Grizzly Peaks rising above 13,000 feet in Colorado. I have no clue how many peaks below 13,000 feet "bear" the name. The peak to the right is Point 13,198.

Colorado's 5th highest peak is 14,336-foot La Plata. The long, complex ridge coming off of La Plata's summit is a popular climbing route known as Ellingwood Ridge.

That's it. Thanks for reading. I have another blog in the making. Stay tuned...


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