01 September 2016

Stardate 2016.668

The late 1800s rail-grade up the South Platte River is a nice portal into Colorado's Front Range.

Another Quickie...

I took advantage of some time and jetted up Waterton Canyon to the start of the Colorado Trail. It had rained well into the previous night, and the forest was a bit on the humid side. I grew up in the high desert plateaus of western Colorado, and I can tolerate 15 to 25 percent. Up the humidity to 50 percent or more and I get real cranky. I can only imagine what humidity in the 90 percent range must be like. I guess you get used to it. Humidity aside, it was a very nice ride.

The South Platte River appeared a bit high for this time of year, indicating a possible large release from Strontia Springs Reservoir in order to catch last night's storm water. From a wildlife angle, I thought rattlesnakes would be out sunning post-deluge; I didn't see a one. Following are some pics from the ride.

Late summer blooms enjoying the rain and humidity.

Approaching the summit, wheeze, wheeze.

There is delightful singletrack high above the South Platte River and Strontia Springs Reservoir.

The aptly named Bear Creek descends on the left toward its confluence with Strontia Springs Reservoir.

That wasn't so bad. See you next time.


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