21 November 2016

Stardate 2016.890

The 2016 Mountain Bike Season Keeps Goin' and Goin'...

We probably will pay for all this nice weather, come spring. Nonetheless, I'm going to enjoy it while I can. I've been hitting Deer Creek Canyon Park quite a bit because I need to brush-up on my technical skills in the rocks. I think I've been too selective on my rides. The former, plus too much road biking. Anyway, enjoy the pics. Not far from the high-point, this meadow should have snow on the ground.

The great plains meet the mountains here, along with urban sprawl.

Not far away stands the mile high city and its symbiotic brown cloud.

Lower segments of the trail have the potential to be a bit wild.

My parting shot is a plug for Giant Bicycles. Of all the bikes I've stabled, the Black Pearl takes a spot next to my 1996 Specialized M2 S-Works. The Pearl's been a great steed!

Stay tuned, there's more on the docket.


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