17 December 2016

Stardate 2016.962

a portion of the official Disney-licensed Christmas gift Snowcatcher picked for our grandbaby

Mountain Bike Magic

Anytime you can ride your mountain bike this far into December is magical. I was in shorts yesterday (15 December 2016). Tomorrow we're forecast for snow and a high of around 8 degrees Fahrenheit. Go figure! Nonetheless, the following pics may be the last for 2016. Happy New Year's early from the surrounds of Chatfield State Park. Let's start with one one of my favorite haunts – Waterton Canyon.

There's still remnant ice from last week's single digit deep-freeze, followed by a magical 50-degree warm-up.

The South Platte River sports magical shoreline ice in shady areas.

I had the trail, and magic, to myself.

You must watch-out for magical organic speed bumps.

The silence, can you hear it? It's magical!

Thanks for another year of magic!


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