17 January 2017

Stardate 2017.047

It is winter, after all.

This is one of Snowcatcher's numerous methods of photographing flakes of ice.

And Now Some More Waterton

Currently, it's snowing cats and dogs. So, I'll share some pics from about a week ago, before the snow returned. Let's start with a patio paw-print from the illusive and domesticated Felis Catus.

The cold and icy narrows portion of the ride is just that, cold and icy.

This is the segment of the narrows that is always shaded.

The CT was too icy and rutted to try riding up.

The day was warming up nicely.

The South Platte River

All I saw today was ice, snow and water — no wildlife.

The ever elusive and now mud-splattered Snowcatcher came along for the day too.

Now I need to wash the bikes. Here are some words to live by; a clean bike is a happy bike.

More to come, I'm just not quite sure when more will be.



  1. There was a tantalizing glimpse in my blogreader of a post about sandstone, with some very lyrical and enthralling prose - but when I clicked on the link I got a message saying that the "page did not exist". I'd be feeling very disappointed right now if I hadn't seen this lovely post instead! Winter by you looks very like winter by us this year. Freeze, thaw, snow, freeze, thaw.

    Great shot of you both by the icefall!

    I still hope to read that Sandstone post some time....

  2. Thank you for liking what has become our new favorite together shot. Thanks for enjoying this blog as well.

    Hmmmmmmm... Maybe I've entered the Matrix. I did have some little firefights with Blogger over the sandstone blog. I think things are working okay now.


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