02 April 2017

Stardate 2017.252

Bear Creek

Ride Weather Reminded Me of Oregon Mountain Biking

Yesterday (31March17) was the usual Waterton Ride to upper Lenny's Bench; then around the Roxborough loop, which is now thawed-out, at least until the current storm gathering. I had hoped to beat the forecasted storm. However, it captured me about halfway around the loop. Approximately half of my ride was in the wet.

I attended graduate school at Oregon State University located in western Oregon. It's wet and misty in the winter, and Waterton Canyon yesterday was the epitome of that area. Enjoy the following pics. The first is the storm slowly working its way out of the Front Range about 45 minutes before capturing me.

We're expecting freeze with snow tonight, so the blossoming leaves may be kaput for a while.

I was halfway up the canyon and still mostly dry.

Denver Water's Strontia Springs dam was releasing a fair amount of water.

Overheating, I stopped to shed some layers.

At the trail's high point, the clouds were descending and wafting throughout the forest.

There is a fair amount of blowdown this year.

This bubbling brook almost always flows year-round.

The singletrack is pretty good through here.

The concluding pic is of the down, down, down drop to the South Platte River at the Strontia Springs dam.

Later gator!


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