22 January 2019

Stardate 2019.055

Calm Before The Storm

Hi folks! Here's a small post about a stroll Snowcatcher and I took yesterday afternoon. The day was springy with Fahrenheits dancing into the upper 40s. Better yet, we received several inches of overnight snow, making for a fabulous morning to run a snow shovel.

Mary Carter Greenway is a revitalized riparian area (urban and suburban reaches) along the South Platte River and surrounding gravel pits. The ecology gods were successful, and it's a very nice place to visit.

One of numerous hidden gravel ponds and floating residents.

A designed rock weir helps create slack water areas and possibly helps to mitigate minor flooding. Major flood control is several miles upstream in the form of Chatfield Reservoir.

Enhanced habitat, including less predation, may be several reasons why the Canada Goose winters here.

Thanks for reading!

Lizard: 3
Parkinson's: 0


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