12 January 2015

Stardate 2015.030

Fire and rock flameout, White Pocket, Arizona

2014 Favorites
Part 1

Snowcatcher and I had a very busy 2014. The next several posts will portray a handful of shots taken throughout 2014. I hope you enjoy the pics; I enjoyed living them!!

Venturi Effect

Wave II
Wave and Wave II surfing in January

Soggy Fisher Towers

Captain Ahab Trail
Moab + birthday = perfect!

Alpine reflection while on a late afternoon training ride up Vail Pass.  The summit is just above the lake.
June training on Vail Pass

Looking up the East River at 12,519 foot Mount Bellview.
Crested Butte mountain biking in July

July training in my backyard

Don't be blue, see you with Part 2!


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  1. Gosh, I'm ready to go back to every single one of those locales, but best of all, you ended with a rhyme! Awesome!!!


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