04 January 2015

Stardate 2015.011

Triple Bypass

Registration Time

Hi folks! It's early 2015 and time to register for many of the bicycle rides in which we like to participate. It looks like a full year again. Sorry, backyard. Although many of these rides are charity rides, some have become quite expensive, so we're being more selective. This year's docket includes Elephant Rock, the Santa Fe Century, Ride the Rockies (if lottery drawn), the MS-150 and the Triple Bypass. Part of the game is going out on a limb; most rides are nontransferable and nonrefundable. Finally, I would like to ride many segments of the Colorado Trail on my mountain bike. A jaunt back up to the Pacific Northwest wouldn't be bad either.

Elephant Rock

So far, Snowcatcher and I are signed up for Elephant Rock, Colorado's season opener. We're also going to register for a ride we haven't participated in, the Santa Fe Century. I've always wanted to head south of the border (Colorado's) to ride New Mexico's Santa Fe area. This will be the ride's 30th anniversary, so why wait any longer? Besides, I like New Mexico, it truly is the land of enchantment. I know because I'm an enchantment lizard. :)

Susan DeMattei, David Wiens and Timothy Fleming
Mountain biking Olympic Bronze Medalist Susan DeMattei; hubby, pro mountain biker and six-time Leadville 100 winner Dave Wiens; and Tim Fleming high atop Loveland Pass during the 2013 Triple Bypass. Yes, they went by me like I was in reverse.

My most difficult ride is the Double Triple Bypass, a 120-mile ride over several mountain passes exceeding 10,000 feet, then right back the way I came on Day 2. These passes include Juniper (11,140 ft), Loveland (11,990 ft) and Vail (10,560 ft). Honorable mention goes to Swan Mountain – steep and short and painful. For most of us mortals, this ride is at least a seven- to eight-hour day with 10,000 feet of elevation gain. This will be my seventh year riding this event. This is not the hardest 100-plus-mile day in which I've tortured myself. That would be the defunct Deer Creek Challenge. Nonetheless, the Triple hurts, especially if you ride the two-day event, which is simply riding back the same way the next day.

Kissing Couple
Colorado National Monument Stage of the 2010 Ride the Rockies

I've often wondered what the stats are to pull off a ride like the Triple Bypass. Over the course of a weekend, there are four different rides; there's a westbound on Saturday, a westbound/eastbound on Saturday/Sunday and an eastbound on Sunday. In addition, there's a three-man (or three-woman, which Snowcatcher wanted to do last year but couldn't find a third teammate) relay on Sunday. Entry for all events is by lottery.

Below are a few stats:

5,000 riders over the weekend
853 volunteers
6,189 bananas
3,390 oranges
420 pounds of peanut butter
43 permits required to organize the 120-mile ride
$500,000 given out to charities in the past three years
2,232 beers served

wave release
The 2013 MS-150 ride from Westminster to Fort Collins, Colorado. It's toward the end of the ride and the 75-mile riders are beginning their final two short and steep climbs. The 100-mile riders still have five short and steep climbs to go.

It'll be a hoot!



  1. You're an animal, Lizard. (Which I guess should be pretty obvious from your name.)

    Those "short and steep" climbs felt awfully long last year! If only the rest stops hadn't run out of Gatorade....

    Here's to many happy and safe miles in 2015.

  2. Man, as soon as the roads are good for safe riding again... I can't wait to get back out there!!! So looking forward to Ride the Rockies with you, and fingers crossed for Tour de Lavender cards to fall right, too...


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