11 March 2015

Stardate 2015.192

We're in!  This pic is of the Colorado National Monument.  The riders are 4 turns from the final straight to Cold Shivers Point and easier ground.  They are climbing up the east side of the Park.

The Countdown Begins

On March 6th, Snowcatcher and I were informed we had survived the Ride the Rockies entrance lottery. How about that? Kuule Beanz, eh! This will be Snowcatcher's 6th and my 5th time to ride this event. It also is the event's 30th anniversary. It's a good route and should be a hoot. Besides, it gives me blog fodder down the road.

RTR practice 1, Deer Creek Mountain Park

Thus, our first official training ride was Saturday, March 7th. We had planned to climb Deer Creek Canyon. However, traffic was a mess, and a bit rude. I had a "hinky" not to continue up the canyon. When I mentioned this to Snowcatcher, she had the same feeling. Instead, we climbed a stiff access road to a nearby subdivision and Deer Creek Canyon Mountain Park. We ended up with a nice little 26-mile ride.

This segment of road is not long; but, the road is twisty and very steep. Snowcatcher may be seen grinding up the incline.

RTR practice 1, Deer Creek Mountain Park

Yeah, that's her stylin'! She made it look easy.

RTR practice 1, Deer Creek Mountain Park

We took a breather at Deer Creek Canyon Mountain Park.

RTR practice 1, Deer Creek Mountain Park

There are nice rock formations scattered about. We're actually in the vicinity of a huge hogback that runs parallel to a large part of the state's Front Range. The geologic strata tips up steep and proud; it's quite picturesque in places.

RTR practice 1, Deer Creek Mountain Park

A nice little descent complimented our neighborhood sneak.

RTR practice 1, Deer Creek Mountain Park

Being a Lizard, hailing from the land of sandstone (literally), I appreciate as much sandstone as I can find. Seriously. There are some fairly colorful seams exposed here and there.

That's it for today. Lots more to come; stay tuned.


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  1. Yippee!!! We're in!!! We're in!!! I'm looking forward to lots of fun training with you!


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