30 March 2015

Stardate 2015.244

Bighorn rams and ewes savoring a warm spring day in upper Waterton Canyon.

Bring'n on Spring

I took the Black Pearl out for a roll in the forest several days ago. I rode up to where the Colorado Trail splits from Trail 800, after a mile or so of sharing real estate.

After sharing for nearly a mile, the Colorado Trail, and Trail 800, part ways here.

I had the place to myself. The trail intersection is a popular place for Colorado Trail hikers to camp as well. Moreover, there are enough messy campers that bears maintain an interest in the area. Most backpackers are good about keeping a tidy camp.

The trail is melting quickly now.

Remnant patches of snow are about gone, except for the deeper drifts.

Siesta time on a warm, early spring day, with greening grass.

The bighorn sheep were out and about enjoying the sun. Denver Water's Strontia Springs Dam caretaker's house had some nice green grass scattered throughout the grounds. The sheep took advantage of it. This time of year, the rams are fairly docile as they slowly work their way to higher elevations for the summer. Many of the ewes and smaller rams will summer in the canyon. I was about 15 feet from him when I snapped this shot. He was so groggy he could hardly hold his head up.

They're a bit more excitable in the fall months during the rut; I give them much wider berth during that time. In fact, during the rut, I would have kept on riding. This guy, when standing, is probably 3.5- to 4-feet at the shoulder, and built like a rock.

Riders should to portage stuff like this.

Rant alert: The above mud puddle is about 3-feet in diameter. These tend to grow when riders ride around their edges. If you need some mud, head through the center. As for myself, I would portage this.

The trail is melting quickly now.

This snow drift has receded a bit since last week. The 3 to 4 inches of snow we received several days ago lasted about a day.



Dieter and Wolfgang Hucking Horns

Dieter and Wolfgang enjoy a bit of spring training on whatever they can find. Climbing and training on ram horns is not for the faint of heart.

Waterton Canyon

Happy Trails!



  1. What a glorious day! What a joyful ride! I'm jealous. :) That sleepy ram is a riot!

  2. I can imagine D & W's conversation: "Iss a goot ting he's so sleeping," says Dieter, toiling away up the right horn. "Ja, Dieter," says Wolfgang. "Also goot you been practicing de climbing. Vat is de grade on dat horn, you tink? Iss uber-schteep, nein?" "Ach!" says Dieter. "I haf no idea vat is de grade, but I em running out uff gears."

    A very nice ride indeed. :)


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