17 November 2015

Stardate 2015.879

Winter Is Slowly Arriving

I think winter has finally arrived. We received about 4.5 inches a week ago with more snow on the way. Nonetheless, I've put in some good autumn rides. Better yet, I'm still in shorts, but probably not for long. Following are some pics from an afternoon ride up Waterton Canyon. Enjoy!

The narrows of Waterton Canyon only sees several minutes of sun this time of year.

Waterton Canyon is deep and narrow; even with warmish temps the snow sticks around.

The Colorado Trail is the end of the line for the day.

I wasn't dressed for riding in the snow.

It was time to chase some sun.

The road looks harmless enough. I'm looking down a steep incline just below the Colorado Trail that becomes icier with the season. A number of people have not had good days here. I'm aware of several broken bones, including a broken hip – ouch!

Wolfgang and Dieter showing how to climb in true mountaineering fashion.

This pic puts Dieter and Wolfgang's first ascent into context.

That's it for now. On the docket is a gravely road kind of ride.



  1. I think the Stones should sing a song about you: "Cold Legs"!!! You think we'll get to ride again this weekend after today's big dump?

    1. There's quite a bit of snow, but I think we may get another weekend of riding.


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