19 November 2015

Stardate 2015.885

A little Asphalt... A Little Gravel... A Little Sunshine!

This past Saturday Snowcatcher and I journeyed out to Chatfield Reservoir for a warm autumn road ride. Temps were in the 50s and low 60s. It was a perfect fall day. As I write this blog, however, I'm enjoying a hot beverage after shoveling close to 9.5 inches of snow that fell overnight. It appears cycling season is winding down. Following are some pics.

Chatfield Reservoir

Lonely picnic area

Riparian area heavy in motionless quiet

Occasionally, the ubiquitous bovine happens to be a Texas longhorn.

Wide-open prairie from atop lightly graveled dirt road base

Prairie and pasture

After a final zig and zag, we turned around to head back to town.

A harbinger of things to come is 9.5 inches of fresh snow on November 17th.

Dieter and Wolfgang like to race to the snow stake.

Dieter won the sprint; Wolfgang buys the beer for the weekend.

The final snow tally for the storm was a little over 9 inches.

I think we may be months away from a similar day. Thanks for reading...



  1. Guess we won't be seeing many more outside flowers for a while. At least we have a few indoors, plus some good riding days here and there!

  2. The happy days of cycling gone by.... Here's to next season!

    Some of your shots look a bit like Wisconsin, though we don't see many longhorns here. :)


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