05 March 2016

Stardate 2016.175

Utah's Green River Symphony

Snowcatcher and I had been in Salt Lake City, Utah, for a couple of days. On the way home – via Moab, Utah, of course – the early evening sky opened up for us. As is common in this tiny section of the globe, the sunset gave us a superb show of color. The following photos were taken about 15 miles northwest of Green River, Utah. The first shot is looking northwest.

This was our view west toward the northern San Rafael Swell area.

Far away to the southwest rise Utah's Henry Mountains. (very distant, bottom center)

Here's a zoom toward the western horizon and the northern San Rafael Swell.

One more shot west of the San Rafael Swell.

This year's high desert, spring mountain biking season begins with my next post.


1 comment:

  1. That was so magnificent. It looked like it would be dreary, then suddenly it came to life! Thank you for a great road trip with such spectacular skies! Hope we get to go back and discover the magic of San Rafael soon!


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