15 March 2016

Stardate 2016.203

A Change Of Pace

Several days ago, I managed to get in a short-sleeved (green plaid for Mrs. Micawber) hike-a-bike with the Black Pearl at Deer Creek Canyon Park. This park is a couple of miles north of Waterton Canyon. However, often during this time of year, ice and snow still may cover the trail, making passage interesting. How slick was it? Well, my average speed for the "ride" was 3-miles per hour. That tells me I walked more than I rode. When dry, the route is rocky, steep and technical in places. However, any time loss to upward travel can be regained on the return downhill. Following are a few pics of a beautiful spring-like day.

My destination is a tight little drainage where prairie meets mountain – Plymouth Creek.

The initial ice encountered had enough embedded detritus to allow riding. I wasn't so lucky on most of the ice.

How about some nice, dry, singletrack?

The mile-high city is about 28 miles away. That's not dust or water vapor in the sky. Yuck!

I love afternoon sunlight wafting through Lodgepole pine boles.

My parting shot for the Deer Creek Canyon area.

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  1. You are SO much braver than me!!! I wouldn't even walk on that steep ice, much less wrestling with a bike as I attempted! What great views, though, even if blanketed in smog!


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