11 April 2016

Stardate 2016.277

Suburbia Mountain Bike Link-O-Link

Si Señoras y caballeros, yet another South Valley Park post. So I'll minimize today's text and get to the photos. Let's begin with an evening ride along Coyote Song Trail several days ago.

The following Saturday found us riding "dirt" service road to Deer Creek Canyon. Many moons ago, I had a soils professor who would dock you one letter grade for using the word dirt. It's soil, people; SOIL! (Or, as my wife says, it's CLAY, people, CLAY!!!)

After a bit of asphalt, we linked to the Kathy Johnson/Columbine Trails, followed by a northern link-up with the busy Coyote Song Trail.

Then we backtracked and closed a 27-mile loop.


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