18 April 2016

Stardate 2016.293

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

We're digging (and melting) out of the aftermath of a robust storm system that stalled over the four-corners region. When the low pressure stalls in that location, counter-clockwise flow of air siphons moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. The moisture continues its counter-clockwise trajectory around the low and slams into the Rocky Mountains and cooler air. The storm sits there for a day or two, and we get copious amounts of rain and snow.

Hence, there will be no mountain biking for a while. Everything is wet, wet, wet. I may take the road bike out if the roads aren't too swampy in melt water. Nonetheless, here are some pics from the snow event. It's a spring burrrrr...

Thankfully the hyacinths were at the end of their bloom cycle.

The moisture-laden snow settled as fast as it accumulated.

Hopefully the irises will ride it out.

Snow started accumulating close to dark. The correct scale is the right edge of the builders square.

Our front yard: Everything, including the iris received a blanket of snow.

When it was over, we averaged about 15 inches of super wet snow.

Several hours after shoveling came lots of settling and melting; I could see tips of iris poking through (upper right).

As I write this line, the sun is poking through the clouds. That's it for now.



  1. GREAT shots! Thanks for capturing final glimpses of the hyacinths for me while I was gone! You suppose we'll get another big dump on Mother's Day??? :)

    1. We might. I'm betting we have another very wet spring.

    2. Well, so far, your forecast has been on the mark! Perhaps you could have a future in meteorology... ;)


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