13 October 2016

Stardate 2016.784

The Olympic Peninsula

After steaming to Port Townsend from Whidbey Island, Snowcatcher and I caught up with our very good friends (Mr. W always buys) from the Sequim area (pronounced Skwim). Moreover, our MS-150 teammates had arrived the day prior. The Olympic Peninsula is enchanting. Typing its description doesn't do it justice; you kind of need to visit the region. New Mexico is the arid land of enchantment, but the Olympic Peninsula's temperate rain forest has a mystique all its own.

We spent the afternoon in Olympic National Park atop Hurricane Ridge. I have pedaled Hurricane Ridge, and I've ridden through many of the local lavender farms. All were nice rides, and I'd like to ride them again. Following are a handful of pics from the Olympic Peninsula. Enjoy!

Top down from Hurricane Ridge one can see Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada; the Strait of Juan de Fuca (middle waterway); and, Port Angeles, Washington.

The Dungeness Spit is the longest natural sand spit in the United States at 5.5 miles (according to Wiki).

The Dungeness Spit.

Parting Shot: The light-house stationed at the end of Dungeness Spit. No matter where you're hiding, Mount Baker, Washington seems to tower over the region – it's a stunning mountain. Yes, I confess, I lengthened the camera lens a bit.

That's it for the Olympic Peninsula. Next time we'll point the car east.


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