20 October 2016

Stardate 2016.803

14,411 Feet

Welcome back to Lee Zard's adventures with Snowcatcher in the Great Northwest. Have you guessed what peak this is? After leaving Seattle, Snowcatcher and I made a B-line southeast toward Mount Rainier National Park. Mount Rainier touches the clouds at 14,411 feet, and it's massive.

We drove around the southern flank of Washington's highest before heading across the high plains of central and eastern Washington. This segment of our trip was a very long day and worth every mile. We powered down in Moses Lake, Washington. The following sequence of photos tell the tale. I'll minimize my yammering this round. Each of the following pics portray Mount Rainier. Enjoy!

If you need some music for this series, how about "Eight Miles High" by the Byrds – one of those 60s songs whose lyrics mean whatever you want them to mean. You get the drift.

We had time for one more overnight before the long drive back down to Colorado's Front Range. Stay tuned!


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