13 March 2017

Stardate 2017.197

It's Still Nice Out

Indeed, the weather remains stuck in Gucci mode. I'm not complaining. Following are some pics from the Roxborough Loop. The Rox loop is a connector trail that shortens the Trail 800 loop by a few miles. It also has a segment of turf that is one of the last places to melt out. Nonetheless, several icy patches were laying around. I also made several mud portages.

I had the trail all to myself today.

Pictured is some flowy singletrack through an area of forest that always seems to be green.

The big drop to the South Platte River is about to begin. That's Turkshead Peak at upper right.

Many riders don't slow and finesse their way around a corner. Instead, many riders "rudder" around a corner while in a full-blown skid. If you throw in some freeze-thaw cycles (water expands about 9 percent while freezing), you may end up with a badly eroded piece of trail.

What's next on the docket? The snow returns...


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