16 February 2015

Stardate 2015.129

Ram enjoying the warm day.
I think this guy was half asleep as he ambled along the rock face.

Waterton In Shorts!

I took advantage of 60 degree temps, by taking an afternoon mountain bike ride up Waterton Canyon to the beginning of the single-track and the Colorado Trail.

Starting up Waterton Canyon

The Denver Water service road is 6 miles of easy spin along a historic rail-grade.

Ewes scrounging for grub

Up above me, ewes were doing what ewes do best - eat.

Start of Trail 800 (Colorado Trail) single-track

I pedaled mostly dry ground to the start of single-track of the Colorado Trail. This segment of trail is also known as Trail 800.


I traveled up the trail for 100 yards, then turned around. Many of the snow-less segments of trail were still too muddy to ride. It's easy to trash a trail when they're this soggy.

Pike National Forest

Welcome to northern Pike National Forest.

Snowy single-track

The snow was melting fast, for February.

The narrows never sees any sun.  It's usually packed snow into March.

The road is usually snow- and ice-packed through the narrows. In fact, I don't think sunlight even reaches this segment around the winter solstice. The remainder of the ride was invigorating. It was nice to be in shorts again. However, that will change, I'm quite sure. Our snow month is March, and it's right around the corner.



  1. Gosh, that scenery looks spectacular, now! Hard to believe we're back in snow pants and gators again today!!!

  2. Good thing I read Snowcatcher's comment or I would be feeling VERY jealous of the shorts weather!

    A nice ride.


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