28 February 2015

Stardate 2015.162


Winter Returns

After a nice January thaw sporting low 60-degree temps, normality returned. The following pics are from a recent stroll up Waterton Canyon.


Snowcatcher is at work doing her thing.

Waterton Canyon's mouth

The eerie mouth of Waterton Canyon beckons us on.

Fat bikers exiting Waterton Canyon after a wintery ride.

Riders on fat bikes looked a bit frosted as they went by. It is a good day for a fat bike. Fat bikes are relatively new; they are mountain bikes that sport very wide wheels for enhanced buoyancy on mediums like snow. We thought about taking out the mountain bikes, but changed our minds at the last minute.


A field of icicles hanging from a leaky water pipe. There is a constant drip here during the warm months, as well.

South Platte River

The South Platte River

Waterton Canyon

The higher realms of Waterton Canyon are in silent mode.

South Platte River

Colorado Fish and Game fish squeezers try to maintain a fishery in the canyon. The rocks create some slackwater. As you can see, the structure performs kind of like a weir. It's not a gabion. It's a very leaky check dam. It would be interesting to see it functioning with higher flows.

South Platte River

This is the same stream structure as above.

Go ahead Denver Water, take our fun away!   :)

Too bad, it's definitely a good day for a swim.

South Platte River as the snow picked-up again.

The ice was building fast in areas of slackwater.

The lower reach of Waterton Canyon and the South Platte River.

It's common to see bighorn sheep through this reach, but not today. The walk out is a bit chilly. While warming in our car, we bid farewell to Waterton as another day's light slowly fades.

Until next time...


  1. Your No Swimming shot really tickled me! I learned a few new water words, as well. Thanks for a delightful snowy walk! I hope we can get outside again this weekend!

  2. I'm glad you made the trip on foot. Bikes would be too fast for enjoying this still wintry beauty.

    I too loved the No Swimming shot! And the icy pipe - could be a very arty and mindbending photo if you hadn't explained what it was.

    Off now to look up "gabion"....

    P.S. Mr. has been doing a lot of fun things to Iris. New wheels, new headset, new bottom bracket, new bottle cages, and new I don't know what all. Her frame is cleaned, her forks have been inspected for rust, and the paint is now waxed and glistening. All she needs is to be put together to be ready for a new season. I hope to take the first ride of the year next week....


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