10 September 2015

Stardate 2015.693

The Lizard's 2nd Quilt, washed

A Little Rag Time

Hi folks, I'm learning how to quilt, and I'd like to share the results of my first two attempts. Snowcatcher has documented the process via photographs. Both are rag quilts, albeit no official rags were employed.

I'm not sure people would like me using official rags.
Rags, Rags, Rags

Work station

The first quilt is a baby rag quilt. I cut and joined 6 x 6-inch fabric squares, then cut to fray and washed. A super cuddly felt backing mitigated any need for filling. The baby quilt measures 28.5 x 28.5 inches.

The Lizard's 1st Quilt

My second quilt is a lap rag quilt measuring 38 x 38 inches. The theme is a kaleidoscopic montage of lizardness (imagine that). I used heavy yet soft flannel as a backing; and like the baby quilt, I did not use any fill material. The lizard squares were cut to 6 x 6 inches.

Deciding on layout pior to stitching

Finished and washed quilt
The Lizard's 2nd Quilt, washed

I'm currently working on a summer/bohemian/gypsy dress; we'll see how that goes. Gasp... NO, it's not for me. Lizards prefer birthday suits.

Short blog today, see ya!



  1. That was a real treat of a post, Lizard! And your Lizard quilt is Boss!!!

  2. Both of your quilts are awesome. I especially like the bright colors you used in your lizard quilt. WTG!!!

  3. I love rag quilts, that's how I started too. Welcome to world of quilting!

  4. Very fun! Thanks for sharing. I linked too at Crazy Mom. I'm #100!
    Have a good weekend.

  5. Very nice indeed, especially as you are just starting quilting. Those raggy quilts are fun and easy to make, although snipping all those seams can take a while. Great job!!

  6. Woo hoo! Nice work! Welcome to Quiltdom!

    Next up, a Mariner's Compass.... :D


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