23 September 2015

Stardate 2015.729

From Majestic Tetons To Diverse Yellowstone
Day Two

Day Two found Snowcatcher and I trying to get sunrise on the Tetons from String Lake. After sunrise we worked our way north through Yellowstone National Park. Our route took us through the West Thumb, Lake Village and Canyon Village area. From Canyon, we traveled over Dunraven Pass (we've spied grizzly here in the past) down into Tower-Roosevelt. From here we ventured northwest to Mammoth Hot Springs; the north entrance of the park. We splurged and rented a room in Gardiner for the evening. At sunset we drove a dirt-loop across Blacktail Plateau looking for game. All we encountered was a herd of buffalo. Following are some pics from Day Two.

The Grand Teton (center peak) patiently waits for the sunrise.

The Grand Teton (center peak) tickling cloud bellies far above String Lake.

The Tetons rise abruptly from the west shoreline of String Lake.

String Lake wetlands

Sun hit!

It was a beautiful morning, and the Lewis River riparian zone shared some of its fall color in south Yellowstone.

Very blue and pristine, the Lewis River flows south out of Lewis Lake to its confluence with the Snake River, close to the southern park boundary.

Yellowstone Lake lapped against its western shoreline about 20 minutes south of Lake Village.

Buffalo were everywhere in the Hayden Valley. Here they're lounging along the banks of the Yellowstone River, south of Canyon Village.

The source of most of our smoke was in Hayden Valley. The fire was lightning-sparked; favorable rain was in the forecast.

Still more to come...



  1. They always end way too quick. Many heavenly memories made, though! Thank you for such riveting photos!

  2. Those mountains are so aggresively VERTICAL! And beautiful. Looks like you guys had a great trip.


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