29 September 2015

Stardate 2015.745

Home James – Day Four

As usual, the time to leave comes too soon. The Yellowstone/Teton region is a place I would like to visit yearly. I also would like to give the Jackson Hole Ski area, about 30 miles south, a try. I'm envious of those who live and work in this region. I even selected to earn degrees (BS & MS) that may land me in a small mountain utopia. The cards read otherwise. There are a few places in Colorado and Utah I feel the same about.

Just before heading out, we followed a little fishing road for a spell and were treated to a fairly good-sized bull elk. I can't count how many times I've been treated to this. I'm spoiled; yet, I never tire of it. Part of this trip was spent listening to numerous bull elk and their eerie bugling. If you are close enough to one when it bugles, it will make your neck hairs rise. I kid you not!

Some of the shrubbery along the Snake River was in fall costume.

A good number of quaky stands (aka: aspen trees, Populous tremuloides) were in full-on color mode too.

Another annual player, SNOW, is currently heading down the latitude latter.

Sheeeesh, it seems like ski season just ended.

Wyoming's breathtaking Absaroka Mountains are a delight any time of year.

We weren't far from the lightly frosted summit of 9,658-foot Togwotee Pass (pronounced Togatee).

The pass separates Wyoming's Jackson Hole Valley from Dubois and provides access to southern Yellowstone from the east. Togwotee was an under-chief of Chief Washakie of the Sheepeater branch of the Shoshone Tribe. These mountain dwellers traveled and lived throughout the Yellowstone region.

A riparian zone shares its gold on the east side of Togwotee Pass.

The eye-catching Breccia Cliffs remained shy, hiding their heads in the clouds.

That's it for Yellowstone and the Tetons 2015. Now it's time to take on Colorado's color season. Stay tuned!


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  1. One of our best trips ever. So much amazing scenery! Especially love the red leaves!


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