13 October 2015

Stardate 2015.784

iFall 2

Snowcatcher and I awoke to 30 Fahrenheits prancing around outside. Fall was definitely in the air. A predawn ride put us in position to catch first light on the Elk Range. Sadly, this was our last day. Here are a few picks from Day Two of our adventure. The following pics are again from my iPhone.

First light bathes the higher realms of the Elk Mountains.

First light hits Teocalli Mountain (13,208 ft, rank 478) along with Castle Peak (14,265 ft, rank 12) rising just behind (head in the clouds). Ubiquitous bovine still were grazing in the tall grass all over the place.

Gothic Road – a route into paradise.

A meandering East River greets first light. The two-tone vegetation split at the fence-line is correct. I'm not sure what the difference in vegetation is. It would be interesting to find out.

The northern ramparts of 12,625-foot Gothic Mountain patiently wait for some warmth on a sunny 30-degree morning.

The East River makes its way to its confluence with the Taylor River. At that point, they become the Gunnison River.

The mouth of Spring Creek Canyon is somewhat wild, woolly and you guessed it – scenic.

The deciduous in this area were almost glowing in yellow.

Sun spot lighting is my parting shot for this trip.

I'm not sure what's on the docket next. Check back...


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  1. Sigh... This was yet another truly fabulous getaway. Made me wish we could stay there forever. I love your autumn shots. This post takes me back in time...


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