06 October 2015

Stardate 215.764

Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass
Autumn Visits Segment 6 of the Colorado Trail
Part II

In the previous post, the Black Pearl and I had reached Georgia Pass and were admiring 13,370-foot Mount Guyot (GEE-oh). Georgia Pass is a nice setting, and it was fun to sit and stare at mountains for a while. I wondered how many mountain goats were staring back at me. After lounging around replenishing energy stores, it was time to get motivated for the pedal back to Kenosha Pass.

Not overly high by Colorado standards, Mount Guyot (state rank # 344) still has a mystical ambiance to it.

A handful of miles to the north towered 14,267-foot Torreys Peak (left, rank 11) and 14,270-foot Grays Peak (rank 9).

Lodgpole pine typically does not harbor a luscious and thick understory like spruce forests on the west-side of the state. However, vegetation it does sustain can be quite colorful in the fall.

Back into stands of aspen and Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road comes to mind.

Another patch of baby-smooth singletrack welcomed the Pearl. Considering at least 50 percent of the trail is very rough, root-bound and rocky, I guess I need to go back for some photos of those segments of trail.

Eventually, the climb back to Kenosha Pass comes into view.

This year's leaves have already been dropped in places adjacent to Kenosha Pass.

Kenosha Pass was the end of the trail for me. Hopefully more leafy rides are yet to come this year.

My parting shot is for Mrs. Micawber!

Some stats for this ride:

Elevation gain.....3,369 feet
Start elevation....9,969 feet
High point........11,874 feet
Low point..........9,828 feet

Total trip time.....5:00 hours
Ride time..........4:03 hours
Distance............23.7 miles

Weather and daytime temperatures...sunny and low 50s to 70s

Stay tuned...



  1. I wish I could have been with you. Well, except on the rough parts... I would have walked those! You've really got some stunning scenery there, Lizard!

  2. Oh Brett, I sorely needed that laugh ... thank you! Awesome socks. Were you wearing the plaid "jersey" too? (Or would that be too matchy-matchy?)

    What beautiful photos - the first one is breathtaking. It's a lovely time of year.

    P.S. Do I see hairy legs above the plaid? Mr. M started shaving his this year, to celebrate his return to longer rides. It's been a long, long time since he's done that. Took a bit of getting used to as he is normally pretty hirsute in the nether regions. :D

    1. I most definitely had my plaid jersey on. I just need a pair of plaid shorts and I'll be set. I haven't shaved in quite a few years.


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