21 October 2015

Stardate 2015.805

Where's the Snow

The weather forecast was for sunny skies in the high country. Mountain snows have been minimal this autumn. Snowcatcher and I took advantage of the dry by taking the mountain bikes out for jaunt up, and possible summit of, 11,481-foot Boreas Pass (pronounced Bore-ays) from the Breckenridge side. Weather quickly changed as we started up the 133-year-old rail grade. Nonetheless, we got a little ride in before the wet hit.

In the 1860s, Boreas Pass was used by gold prospectors to travel from South Park to the Blue River area of Breckenridge. Around 1866, the road was widened to accommodate wagons and stagecoaches. The Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad began laying rail in 1882, and all that hard work was abandoned in 1937. The US Army Corps of Engineers designed the rail grade for auto traffic post World War II. Boreas Pass was named after Boreas, the Greek god of the north wind. I hope you enjoy the pics. I used the iPhone as a camera again.

Clouds were quickly brewing above Breckenridge and the northern Tenmile Range.

13,684-foot Bald Mountain (state elevation rank #156)

There were still some patches of color here and there.

The road cuts had some color too.

Next year's soil vitamin supply

14,265-foot Quandary Peak (rank #14) rises at the far left.

From Victorian-era mining to 21st-century mega-ski resort, Breckenridge can share some history.

We didn't get any snow, but we got some cooler temps and rain. I must admit, even though we need the snow to start piling up, I like being able to ride my bikes this far into the autumn.

Stay tuned...


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  1. What wondrous photos of a fine place. Greetings!


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