09 April 2015

Stardate 2015.271

Joint Roxborough Loop Trail / Trail 800


Hair on fire, the Black Pearl and I sped back into the forest. As we started into the trees, everything became still and silent. So still, you could feel it. You could almost cut it. There was no wind, no rustling of branches, no leaves swirling, no squirrels dropping seed cones and chattering at your presence, no squealing mountain bike brakes, no equestrians, no hikers, no trail runners, no fishermen, no bighorn sheep, no bugs, no rattlesnakes sunning on trail rocks, no small pebbles pinging against my bike's frame, no politicians, no unions, no yuppies, no dinks, no deer, no bear, no anything else - just my breathing. I had the Roxborough Loop, in its entirety, to myself. Silence! Even Dieter and Wolfgang - silent!

Being a big fan of silence, I dedicate today's blog to silence. If it's too silent, perform a mouse-over for a caption and read aloud. ;) Enjoy!

Bear Creek drainage, Pike National Forest, Colorado

Roxborough Loop Trail

Dieter and Wolfgang like wet rocks, water and climbing.

Joint Roxborough Loop Trail / Trail 800

Joint Roxborough Loop Trail / Trail 800

Joint Roxborough Loop Trail / Trail 800

Wolfgang and Dieter are setting the pace.

Silence is golden!


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  1. Thanks for visually taking me along on your ride. My goodness, what beautiful scenery! I wish I had enough single track experience to tackle that trail with you! Maybe one day...


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