16 April 2015

Stardate 2015.290

Even the South Platte River has a bathtub ring.

More Of The Same

Here's another swing around the Roxborough Loop. As we enter May and June, my ride variety will increase.

The joint start of Trail 800 and the Colorado Trail.

The above pic is the joint start of Trail 800 and the Colorado Trail. This lower segment sees a lot of feet, hooves and bicycles.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

This little rock outcrop is another of my "fitness checkers." By the time you reach this outcrop, you've been charging a somewhat steep trail for a half-mile of so. If you can wing around the hairpin, climb over the rocks with a short burst of speed and continue on without stopping, you're probably pretty healthy. Obviously, I'm still cloaked in winter fat.

About halfway around the Roxborough Loop.

After parting Trail 800, and riding along the Roxborough Loop a short distance, some nice singletrack paralleling a small riparian area welcomes you.

Flowy, Roxborough Loop singletrack

More flowy singletrack along the Roxborough Loop. This little area is rather interesting because the grass is always bright green, at least when the trail is snow-free.

Waterton Canyon narrows

More adventures to come! Thanks for reading.


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  1. Gosh, that Roxborough loop always makes me think of the Shire. So green and lush! I wonder if it got as much snow as we did...


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