27 April 2015

Stardate 2015.321

Ha, Ha, Lee Zard.  You're stuck in snow while we keep riding.

A Frosty Surprise

The white stuff is back.

The white stuff came back for a visit. I rode Waterton Canyon and the Colorado Trail several days after the storm. I turned around just below upper Lenny's Bench because I was carrying my bike more than riding it. (There is a lower Lenny's Bench too.) However, less than 48 hours later, most of the snow had melted and the trail was mostly dry to upper Lenny's.

Bear Camp...Yes, I've seen bears rummaging around this area.

Bear Camp...
I named this Colorado Trail camp-site Bear Camp because I have greeted bears in this area. The first time was several years ago during the fall with about an inch of snow on the trail. I stopped where this photo was taken, then continued on for about 50 yards before deciding to stop again. When I looked back down the trail, a sow and her cub had just crossed where I had stopped. They had to be right above me while I was doing whatever. Had I seen them up close, I would have become quite excited, I'm sure.

More snow has fallen.  Close to the end of today's line for now.

No sooner than this spot had melted out, it filled in with snow again.

44 hours later

Just 44 hours later, the snow is on the fast track out.

Ewe hoo!  Up here...

Ewe hoo! Up here...
The sheep are out and about. The rams are in a bunch roving around, and the ewes are likely looking for birthing ground. Lambing season is just around the corner. The Canada Goose is paired and nesting too. Down covered goslings to dote over are not far off. So I imagine a cat or two are prowling around.

Wolfgang being sucked into a white hole.

The Bavarian speedsters were along for the ride today as well.

"Help Dieter, help!" cried Wolfgang.
"You een trouble Wolfgang?" yelled Dieter.
"Ja, ja, I'm caught een a white hole!"
"You strong man, Wolfgang. Just think Jens Voigt and Spock; you can get out."
"Ja, okay, shut up legs and pedal, pedal, pedal," a grimacing Wolfgang cried out.
"Shift down, Wolfgang!" Dieter hollered.
A relieved Wolfgang panted back, "Ja, ok, dat helped. Don't tell Lee Zard; he'll give me hard time about not watching for white holes. He might not share cookies and guacamole dip anymore."
"You guys can't outmaneuver me!" I snickered. "I saw the whole spectacle. Live long and prosper, you two hooligans."

Spring, despite the snow!!

Despite the snow, spring is everywhere!

Upper Lenny's Bench is the intersection where Trail 800 and the Colorado Trail part ways. I did not know Lenny, nor what type of accident he was involved in.  RIP!

Upper Lenny's Bench is the intersection where Trail 800 and the Colorado Trail part ways. I did not know Lenny, nor what type of hiking accident claimed him. It looks like some afternoon weather may build, so it's off to the barn I go.



  1. What an adventure. Shouldn't be too long now before there won't be any more white stuff for a few months!

  2. Lenny's story is a touching one.

    I'm glad Wolfgang made it out of the white hole....


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