13 April 2015

Stardate 2015.282

Trail 800

Ridge Rolling

Trail 800 is a large loop that can begin and end at various locations. My beginning and end is the Strontia Springs Reservoir dam at the head of Waterton Canyon. A handful of trails, such as the Colorado Trail, spur off of Trail 800. The Roxborough Loop Trail I often post about is actually a connector trail between east and west legs of Trail 800, the result being a shorter northern loop.

Today's ride was a Trail 800 out and back along the ridge separating Bear Creek and Stevens Gulch. While descending from the ridge, I reconnected with the Roxborough Loop and followed it back around as normal. The ride was good. (When aren't they?) However, it was quite windy. For any Dieter and Wolfgang followers, I had no idea where they were today.

The Pearl about halfway up the first steep climb of lower (west side) Trail 800.

When I have my summer heart, legs and lungs, I can pull most of the climbs. Since the above pic exists, I obviously don't have them yet.

Trail 800, heading south

The trail meanders across the top of the ridge. It's a fairly smooth trail, with occasional rock to keep you alert.

Ponderosa pine blowdown

Wind blow down is common along this trail. If it's windy out, the potential for falling trees occupies a portion of your mind. Above is the lower- to mid-bole section of a Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) that took up residence on the trail.

Trail 800

In the above pic, I'm looking north from the ridge. Strontia Springs Reservoir lies directly below the pointy summit at the top center of the photo.

Trail 800 loose off-camber

The trail has steep, loose, off-camber in places. However, most of the trail is quite smooth.

Waterton Canyon

Until we meet again...


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