12 January 2016

Stardate 2016.033

Secret Cache

Hi folks, here's a short blog of things to come. Snowcatcher and I recently traveled to a favorite cache of snow for some exquisite cross-country skiing. I'm posting several teaser shots from our late-afternoon glissade.

I'm not sure I want to reveal the location of the cache because I'm stingy. But, here's a hint: It's due east 1-hour and about 6,050 feet higher in elevation than the largest city/town in western Colorado. Another hint for readers of this blog; my home town sits due west of the snowy horde of snow.

The Nordic area can receive copious amounts of snow, especially in late winter and early spring. The current snow depth is over 50 inches. It's a veritable winter wonderland. If you've read this far, note that I'll dismiss the secret with the next batch of photos from our second day of skinny-skiing.

Check back in several days...


1 comment:

  1. Heaven up high; can't wait to go back. Thanks for introducing me to that paradise!


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