25 January 2016

Stardate 2016.068

Waterton – Another Episode

We had a few January days warm enough to ride so Snowcatcher, Green Queen, Black Pearl and I took advantage of them. Below are a few pics. It was a bit nippy in the shadows, but not bad. The below pic is an iced-up ephemeral stream. We've had enough snow-melt allowing it to run a bit before freezing over.

It's a milky web of cold.

There's a lot of snow on north aspects. South aspects and the road are fairly dry.

Wolfgang and Dieter were at it again.

Mid-channel had thawed a bit over the past several weeks.

A handful of Ewes were catching rays of warm sun and just eweing around; many will become mothers in two months.

The snow has returned. I'm not sure when I'll get up Waterton again. Soon I hope.


1 comment:

  1. Another beautiful day, and another beautiful ride! Can't wait to hit the trail again with you!


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