28 January 2016

Stardate 2016.077

January Wind Whispers

More delightful January weather recently graced the Front Range. It was time for a road ride south of the metro area in the vicinity of Chatfield Reservoir. Currently, the reservoir has open and iced over water. There were ice fishermen in areas; yet I'm not sure I'd trust the ice with all the freeze-thaw cycles we're getting from the ice gods.

This will be the scene, except when it snows, along the South Platte River for another 3 months. The year will be well into April before most deciduous trees dress in green.

The floodplain of the South Platte River is sprawling in places. Every time I ride through here I picture numerous smoking tepees – tops trailing smoke heavy in scent of hide and wood – of indigenous people telling ancient tales deep into the night. Then, as pre-dawn slowly approaches, they wrap up and sleep through the coldest part of day. I need to invent a time machine.

The long and winding road...

How about some gravel grinding to end the day? I love late-day sun-angles.

That's it for this set. Later gator...


1 comment:

  1. So sad to think we're going to lose Waterton again for another few months...


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