13 December 2014

Stardate 2014.951

Waterton Canyon at sunset

Fall Continues Its Wonderful Grip

And I fear we're going to pay for it with snow and cold come April. Nonetheless, I'll ride in shorts as long as I can. Temperatures in Waterton Canyon today are iffy. I find shorts to be sufficient in the sun, yet wish for tights in the shade.

Colorado Trail single track begins here.

When I reached single-track, the majority of the canyon was in shade. However, above the river, forest temperatures are warmer.

Joint Trail 800 and Colorado Trail

Most of the trail is devoid of snow, although, a few icy sections lie in wait for a victim not paying attention.

Joint Trail 800 and Colorado Trail

By March, the above trail segments will be drifted in with several feet of snow. This segment is always last to melt as well.

Upper Waterton Canyon

After I finished my climb, I started out of the canyon as the foothills slowly gave in to dusk. At this point, temps were dropping fast, and I scolded myself for not putting tights in my pack. I beat the dark and cold, but not by much.

Up-next, Deer Creek Park...


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  1. What a treat! Such a beautiful canyon any time of year!


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