26 December 2014

Stardate 2014.986

Hidden area of Chatfield State Park

Afternoon Roadie Trip

How do you get rid of the BAW HUMBUG associated with the sensationalized commercialism of this time of year? Go for a RIDE with your favorite person!

Hidden area of Chatfield State Park

Especially if they're in training, because they want to hurt a little; taking it out on the overindulgence of the season.

Hidden area of Chatfield State Park

Yes indeed, it's the shorter, steeper walls that often get your attention.

Is this the look of perseverance, or what?

Snowcatcher's perseverance tells the tale.

Hidden area of Chatfield State Park

The above pic is our new secret hide-a-way. In addition to goat heads, a small herd of elk reside here. While I fixed a flat, they played hide and seek with Snowcatcher. However, she never got a photo op.



  1. I want to hear more about the goat heads ... or perhaps not.

    Hope you guys had a great Christmas!

    P.S. Be sure to check your parcel locker when you get a chance....

  2. That really was a fun ride! Too bad about all the goat heads, though!


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