30 December 2014

Stardate 2014.997

Chatfield State Park

Getting Chatty With Chatfield

Another warmish December day and time to take the fast bikes out for a spin around Chatfield State Park.

Chatfield State Park road route at the South Platte River bridge.

Minimal traffic and scenic riding abound.

My soul-mate and best friend!

Guess who?

Chatfield State Park

Groves of cottonwood, ever so patiently, awaiting warmer temperatures.

South Platte River pedestrian/bike bridge, Chatfield State Park.

Numerous pedestrian/bike bridges allow easy access across the South Platte River.


Canada geese are fattening up for the cold temps yet to come.

Looking at the mouth of one of my favorite haunts - Waterton Canyon.

The mouth to one of my favorite areas, Waterton Canyon, beckons a mountain bike ride.


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