10 February 2016

Stardate 2016.112

Colorado Custom and Vintage Bicycle Expo
Part III

All photos courtesy of Snowcatcher

I have only a few more bikes to share. If I got anything out of the expo, it would be that I miss the era of cycling in which many of these bikes flourished. I like round, lugged tubes. I actually believe "steel is real". I also like tig-welded frames (aluminum and titanium). I would like to learn more about Magnesium as a frame material. I've been riding carbon road frames since 2002, and my next road bike frame will not be carbon. The frame most likely will be purchased from a small, hand-built, boutique-type shop. Nonetheless, on with the show.

The first thing to catch my eye on a bike is the lug work. I like simple lugs, nothing too ornate.

How about some Cinelli handlebar etching?

Another frame builder I'm not familiar with until now.

The lugging is quite elaborate and captivating. Notice the curved seat and chain stays in the second photo.

I wish we had more track-racing in the states. I like indoor and outdoor velodromes.

No brakes, one fixed gear and bred to fly. Track racing is the epitome of heart, legs, lungs and the clock.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned...


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