22 January 2019

Stardate 2019.055

Calm Before The Storm

Hi folks! Here's a small post about a stroll Snowcatcher and I took yesterday afternoon. The day was springy with Fahrenheits dancing into the upper 40s. Better yet, we received several inches of overnight snow, making for a fabulous morning to run a snow shovel.

Mary Carter Greenway is a revitalized riparian area (urban and suburban reaches) along the South Platte River and surrounding gravel pits. The ecology gods were successful, and it's a very nice place to visit.

One of numerous hidden gravel ponds and floating residents.

A designed rock weir helps create slack water areas and possibly helps to mitigate minor flooding. Major flood control is several miles upstream in the form of Chatfield Reservoir.

Enhanced habitat, including less predation, may be several reasons why the Canada Goose winters here.

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12 January 2019

Stardate 2019.030



We finally received some snow at lower elevations. It was the heavy wet stuff that falls at warmer temperatures; a good ground soaker. When said and done, we had a little under a foot of snow. Believe it or not, I was on dry rides in shorts and long sleeve jersey as recent as January 10th. We need some winter! However, north aspects are still dicey in spots and require some hike-a-biking.

There's still a fair amount of shore ice along the South Platte River.

How about some bighorn sheep skating?

Here's a little plug for Giant Bicycles. It's a fun 29er.


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08 January 2019

Stardate 2019.022

Cambria Bluffs

2018... The Good The Bad And The Now What?

Lizardly greetings!

The Good...
A very brief 2018 summary follows. I wish I could blame the lack of blog posts on traveling the globe, but I can't. Now that I'm semi-retired — as of 11 days ago — I hope to do a better job posting. I certainly need the writing and grammar practice.

Off we go! January 2018 started with a lack of snow, allowing for mountain biking Front Range trails well into early winter.

Post fall rut and everyone was back to being friends.

April deposited us in California for a wedding. We visited two of our favorite coastal towns — Morro Bay and Cambria. Much of the coastal California Lupine was 3 feet in height, much taller than back in Colorado.



Mom eventually got junior out of the water.

Morro Rock dominates the view from the southern end of the bay.

Northern half of Morro Bay marina

Mid-July took us to 14,150-foot Mount Sneffels, my favorite 14er.

The Bad...
After a miserable summer progressing in body tremors and the "need" to crawl out of my own skin, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in early fall. A decent med coupled with my long-time existing, and active, lifestyle has brought me back to life, and I hope to chronicle "things" a bit via this blog.

September and available food-nuts brought out foraging bruins.

The boys are back in town and waiting for the girls to arrive...

Mountain snow arrived in October. Lower elevation mountain biking was sublime well into December.

An eerie harbinger of what came in November.

The Now What?
Take out Parkinson's Disease with extreme prejudice. I will make a great Parkinson's enemy!

Thanks for reading! I wish you all cheery and exciting 2019!

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