28 May 2015

Stardate 2015.405

Santa Fe, New Mexico, landscape

Tierra del Encanto Parte Dos

Welcome to part II of our trip to New Mexico for the Santa Fe Century bicycle ride. After the ride I enjoyed a cold libation while waiting for Snowcatcher. After we hooked up, we grabbed a bite to eat, swallowed some hermit pills, and withdrew into our cozy shell of a room. The following morning we were heading back to Colorado. However, we wanted to visit several places along the ride route, including Madrid, before leaving.

Santa Fe artwork of large wind vanes.

Some more Santa Fe wind vanes to pique your interest.

Fish wind vanes, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I thought the wind vanes were kind of unique.

This art studio was close to Madrid, New Mexico.

Madrid, New Mexico, artwork

I would like to see the above illuminated during the Christmas season.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, landscape

I bet these hills could tell some tales. Think of what they have seen over the centuries. If you like southwest and four corners history, including early anglo exploration, the following book is a good read.

The Domínguez-Escalante Journal
Their Expedition Through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico in 1776
Translated by Fray Angelico Chavez
Edited by Ted J. Warner
University of Utah Press
Salt Lake City

Looking toward Santa Fe and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico, from the road up Stagecoach Pass..

I'm looking across Madrid toward the northern Santa Fe area and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains from below the summit of Stagecoach Pass.

Blooming cacti

A blooming cholla enjoying the spring.

Zia bottle cap drawing

Above is a picture I took of a Santa Fe Brewing Company drawing of a bottle cap that was on the front of their beer wagon. The figure on top of the cap is a Zia. The Zia probably is my favorite symbol. You probably noticed it on yellow flags in part I. To the Zia Indians of New Mexico, it is their sacred symbol of the sun. It's a circle with 4 rays pointing in 4 directions. The number 4 is a sacred number embodied in the following.

Points of the compass (north, east, south and west)
Seasons of the year (Spring, summer, fall and winter)
Periods of each day (morning, noon, evening and night)
Seasons of life (childhood, youth, middle years and old age)
Sacred obligations to develop (strong body, clear mind, pure spirit and devotion to others welfare)

The symbol may be found on the Flag of New Mexico, the design of the New Mexico State Capitol, the State Quarter, state license plates and state highway markers. It's seen on numerous other objects.

Well, that's it. The Zia concludes this post. Thanks for reading. I have a lot of stuff coming. Stay tuned.



  1. Wasn't that spectacular countryside? All the artwork was really enjoyable! I love the history you've given here on the Zia symbol.

  2. What a lot of great artwork. Looks like some good climbing down there too! I had never heard of the Zia symbol - very interesting. The points remind me of Snowcatcher's Memorial Day snowflake.


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